Family Trust Services 

At CTS, we are dedicated to delivering trustee services that do just that, while also fulfilling the long-term obligations of trustee management and fiduciary responsibilities.

From juggling competing interests to creating plans for long-term goals, managing a trust can get complicated. As stewards of charitable trusts and financial legacies, it’s important to seek support and guidance from professionals who can help you make the best decisions in a way that aligns with your personal beliefs.



CTS works to balance and resolve any competing interests among beneficiaries, helping reach unbiased resolutions that ensure the settlor’s wishes are fulfilled completely and objectively.

Trust Asset

CTS provides active asset management to oversee both liquid and illiquid assets in order to manage a trust’s long-term goals.

Trust Reporting &

As trustee, CTS maintains the necessary records and accounting systems needed for distribution, taxes and other financial reporting purposes.